Microsoft Windows Products

Proactive Builder:

Proactive Builder allows the snappy creation of unattended server and workstation “builds” through the use of a GUI based utility and simple rules. For example, a build could be associated with loading Windows XP with SP2, Microsoft Office and the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The installation of the target operating system along with further customizations is driven through a very simple interface called Build Maker. This utility defines what customizations are applied to a computer and the order of the events associated with them.

Proactive EEM - Easy Enterprise Manager:

EEM is an user friendly web based interface that together with our services, offers easy and simple access to the most common administrative tasks related to the management of user access and application deployment in a network environment.

Additionally, EEM also offers basic hardware and software inventory information, providing updated information on hardware configuration and software licenses for all managed computers at a low cost.

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